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How can Epilepsy Monitoring Help you?

Seizures that are difficult to control with medication (intractable seizures) can be devastating to people who are trying desperately to get the most out of life despite a debilitating condition like epilepsy. 

Video EEG monitoring can undeniably give you the answers you are looking for. In fact, 3 out of 10 people who come to our unit do not even have epilepsy, which is precisely why their medication is not working. They have been diagnosed incorrectly and are therefore being treated inappropriately...
70% of patients will have their seizures under control using a single drug.
Is there any danger when I’m hooked up to the EEG machine?
An EEG is completely safe because the EEG records the brain’s own electricity.
Even though legally patients are able to drive if they have been seizure free for a year, if there is a history of recurrent seizures I would prefer that they be seizure free for a little longer before they get behind the wheel.  Remember, it is not only your life which is at risk but the lives of everyone else on the road with you.
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